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Blogotext’s Links, new section on the blog

Blogotext’s Links, new section on the blog
    I usually like to write detailed articles on my blog. However it often happens that I want to share a quick note, for example a basic command. In this situation, I am not going to write a complete article about how to use this command. That’s why I decided to use Blogotext’s (BT) Links as a links/notes sharing platform. BT Links is similar to Shaarli (installed on my own server for personal use).
    Here, I preferred BT Links instead of Shaarli because it fits better with my blog. I can manage my links from the blog’s admin page, the graphical chart remains the same as on my blog and it is easier to use. From now on, you can follow my links/notes from my Links page, or using your favorite RSS reader from my Links RSS feed.
    I hope you’ll enjoy 😉

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