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How to run an Elastos full node on a Raspberry Pi

The following tutorial applies to a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu server, check this page to read more about Ubuntu server on RPi. We are going to build the ela and ela-cli binaries to run them on the RPi, for more information you can check the official GitHub repository of the Elastos node. Let’s start […]

March 25, 2020 Adem Bilican 4 comments

Accepting Stripe payments (3D Secure ready) in React Native (iOS with Native Modules)

TL;DR you can already access the finished project on GitHub Mobile app: https://github.com/ademcan/react-native-stripe Back-end: https://github.com/ademcan/stripe-backend This tutorial is also available as a video format on YouTube. I was planning this blogpost since quite some time, and I thought now was the perfect time as some people were asking about it on Twitter. Stripe is a […]

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Creating a simple back-end with ExpressJS

Today’s topic is ExpressJS, a web framework for NodeJS. You can use ExpressJS if you need any back-end program, for example for a web-app or a REST API. In this article, I will take you through the installation of ExpressJS and the creation of a very simple project. 1. Creating an empty nodeJS project Let’s […]

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What happened to Saturn’s sixth moon last week?

TLDR; be sure that your node is using the additional storage to write the blockchain data there As Enter Elastos we are running 3 Elastos supernodes (Titan, Ganymede and Callisto). To have a better overview of the ecosystem and be ready in case of issue we decided to use different approaches to run the different […]

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How to deal with the keyboard appearance in React Native?

Photo by unsplash-logoVincent Yee on Unsplash     Controlling the appearance of the keyboard is a big headache for mobile app developers. The keyboard should appear smoothly and fit in the user interface without blocking any element. Several solutions exist in React Native to deal with that issue: one can use the KeyboardAvoidingView component or one of […]

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How to add a linter to your React Native project

The definition of linting on Wikipedia is pretty clear :”Lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs”. Photo by unsplash-logoJames Pond on Unsplash By using a linter in your React Native project you’ll be able to catch code errors early on and […]

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How I implemented canSnippet’s newsletter campaign with MailChimp

“An email subscriber is worth 100x twitter or LinkedIn followers or whatever other stuff is out there. An email = a real channel” Andrew Chen     A newsletter is an essential part of your online business/blog/project. It helps you reach your auditors more easily and keep them informed about any update regarding your project. I recently […]

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How to launch a job on SGE based clusters ?

As bioinformaticians, we often have to deal with computer clusters. There are different computer cluster systems available such as SGE, LSF… Although the main idea is the same, the commands used to submit a job might be slightly different. In this article I will quickly show how to submit a job to an SGE (Sun […]