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How to add a linter to your React Native project

The definition of linting on Wikipedia is pretty clear :”Lint, or a linter, is a tool that analyzes source code to flag programming errors, bugs, stylistic errors, and suspicious constructs”. Photo by unsplash-logoJames Pond on Unsplash By using a linter in your React Native project you’ll be able to catch code errors early on and […]

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How I implemented canSnippet’s newsletter campaign with MailChimp

“An email subscriber is worth 100x twitter or LinkedIn followers or whatever other stuff is out there. An email = a real channel” Andrew Chen     A newsletter is an essential part of your online business/blog/project. It helps you reach your auditors more easily and keep them informed about any update regarding your project. I recently […]

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How to launch a job on SGE based clusters ?

As bioinformaticians, we often have to deal with computer clusters. There are different computer cluster systems available such as SGE, LSF… Although the main idea is the same, the commands used to submit a job might be slightly different. In this article I will quickly show how to submit a job to an SGE (Sun […]

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Save and share your snippets with canSnippet

UPDATE : canSnippet is not anymore on beta, I created a new page for the project. canSnippet’s project page. I am very happy today to introduce you to canSnippet. canSnippet is an open source web-based application to save and share your code snippets. It is my first “big” project, thus I would like to have as […]

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[FR] L’identité

  J’ai écrit cette courte “histoire” pour ma participation au Prix de la Sorge 2013. Merci à Yome et Yohan (le luxembourgeois) pour les corrections. L’iDentité « Chérie, je vais passer chez ma mère cet après-midi » s’exclama Christine. « Fais-attention, tu ne devrais pas utiliser la iTransport si souvent, tu sais très bien que cette machine a […]

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Goodbye Piwik !

This is not an anti-Piwik article. I have started using Piwik a few months ago. I really liked it, it is a powerful and open-source analytics tool. If today I say “Goodbye” to Piwik, it is because I stopped using any analytic tool at all. I was checking my stats very often, I was affected […]

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Alternative to locate/find command line on mac

In linux you can use the “find” or “locate” command to look for a specific file or folder. The best alternative I know on Mac is Spotlight. However Spotligh is based on a graphical interface and the “best” option is to show all the results on the Finder, which is not very handy if you […]