June 17, 2017 Adem Bilican 14 comments

How to submit an Electron app to the mac appstore?

  1- Create a Bundle ID for your app The very first step to be able to send a mac app to the appStore is to create a unique Bundle ID for it: go to your Apple Developer Account click Certificates, IDs & Profiles select macOS in the top-left dropdown list click on App IDs […]

June 7, 2017 Adem Bilican No comments

How to launch a job on SGE based clusters ?

As bioinformaticians, we often have to deal with computer clusters. There are different computer cluster systems available such as SGE, LSF… Although the main idea is the same, the commands used to submit a job might be slightly different. In this article I will quickly show how to submit a job to an SGE (Sun […]