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The Sebsauvage Effect

sebsauvage effect (SE)  speaker.png [Ṧȅƃsọṿåij]
1. Increase of Piwik’s “Visits over time” counter
2. High score of in “Refferer Websites”
3. Suspect slow down on affected website

Origin :
This effect started approximately in the early 2012. It affected a very large number of blogs. The effect takes place once the affected blog/website is mentioned at Sebsauvage’s Shaarli. Do not try to prevent the Sebsauvage effect, it is under no control. Simply enjoy it…

Representation :

Synonyms :
– There is no known synonym yet.

Idioms and Phrases :
– I have been sebsauvage’d.
– I got the SE !
– SE’d or not yet SE’d ?
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