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Save and share your snippets with canSnippet


UPDATE : canSnippet is not anymore on beta, I created a new page for the project.
canSnippet’s project page.

I am very happy today to introduce you to canSnippet. canSnippet is an open source web-based application to save and share your code snippets. It is my first “big” project, thus I would like to have as many comments and feedback as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or remark, I will be happy to answer. For this project I used the CC BY license (I am also moving my whole blog under the same license), more information in the creative common by 4.0 page.
I used the following technologies for canSnippet : HTML, PHP, Javascript and sqlite.

Author: ademcan (ademcan@ademcan.net)
Version: 1.0 beta
License: CC BY

canSnippet is an open source web-based application to save and share your snippets.
The advantages of canSnippet are :
– it’s green (literally)
– open source (License CC BY)
– web-based
– easy installation process
– sqlite database
– syntax highlighting (based on prism.js)
– possibility to save private and public snippets
– unique link per snippet for easy sharing
– support many programming languages (html, css, javascript, python, java, php, ruby, c, c++, sql)
– rss feed
– search engine
– browse panel using AJAX
– responsive design
– it’s flat-green 🙂

Todo :
– search API
– tags support
– including prismjs plugins and themes
– create new non-flat theme

Alternatives to canSnippet :

Installation :
– Download the latest canSnippet.zip file
– send the zip file to your server and unzip
– give the following rights
705 to folders
604 to files
– open the following URL in your web browser
– Follow the unique instruction (i.e. fill in the form)
– Remove the install.php file for higher security
– You are done ! Now you canSnippet…


Demo :

Download :
GitHub : https://github.com/ademcan/canSnippet
zip | 7z (v1.0 beta – 22.01.2013)

I would also like to thank my two super beta-testers Yome and Bajazet, thank you guys !
Again : this is a beta. I am still working on the code to improve it as much as possible, and I am very open to any discussion about the code and the design 🙂

Enjoy !

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