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HyperSwitch, an interesting app switcher alternative for Mac

HyperSwitch, an interesting app switcher alternative for Mac

    The default app switcher on Mac (cmd+tab) doesn’t show the different opened windows for a given application. For example if you have multiple LibreOffice windows opened, you will only see one LibreOffice icon on the app switcher. I think this is a great productivity-killer 🙂
    When I was looking for an alternative, I first found Witch. Witch looks promising but it was too complicated for me. I also didn’t like the vertical presentation of the app switcher.
    I then managed (I don’t know how) to find Senebier 🙂 I just don’t understand what’s written and didn’t read any positive or negative comment about this app. I didn’t installed it yet, but I contacted the author to ask if the source code will be available at any time or not.
    Finally, when following my feeds from LifeHacker, I stumbled upon an article about HyperSwitch. This app switcher is still in Beta but it actually works pretty well. Once you started the app switcher and moved to an app icon, you can:

  • press the down arrow to you see all the open windows and switch to one of them
  • press the up arrow to open a new window for that app or see the most recent files

    I am actually giving a try to HyperSwitch. It is a promising project, still in beta, but I am sure it will improve a lot very soon.

Source : HyperSwitch website
LifeHacker’s article about HyperSwitch
Image : RoaringApps

Source: New feed

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