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Add tabulations in your articles with Blogotext

Add tabulations in your articles with Blogotext

    I am using Blogotext as blog engine. It is a big pleasure to use it 🙂 Blogotext is open-source, easy-to-use and very light, it works very well. I would like to thank again Timo for his great job.
    I am using paragraphs to organize my articles and make them clearer. In addition, I like to start each paragraph with a tabulation. Unfortunately, it is not easy to add tabulations using the default Blogotext editor. However, you can do it by forcing 4 spaces, such as


    I wanted to make it easier, thus I decided to implement this option in my editor.
The default Blogotext editor’s menu looks like :
After implementing the tabulation option, you’ll see an “indent” icon in the right-hand side of the “line-through” icon :

    To do so, you will have to modify two lines in two different files:

1 – First,

  • open the file /admin/form.php
  • go to line 581
  • add
    echo "t".'<button id="button15" class="but" type="button" title="tab" onclick="insertTag('&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;','','contenu');"><span class="c"></span></button>'."n";

2 – Second,

  • open the file /admin/style/style-ecrire.css
  • go to line 184
  • add
    #button15 span.c { background-image: url("format-bbcode/edit-indent.png"); }

If you want, you can modify the icon by choosing another one from your /admin/style/format-bbcode/ folder.
Enjoy 😉

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