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Goodbye Piwik !

This is not an anti-Piwik article. I have started using Piwik a few months ago. I really liked it, it is a powerful and open-source analytics tool.
If today I say “Goodbye” to Piwik, it is because I stopped using any analytic tool at all.
I was checking my stats very often, I was affected at some point, I couldn’t stay without checking many times a day.

A very interesting article from Ploum made me wonder about it.
I don’t want to write articles or share links depending on the interest of my readers (of course I care about you), but I want you to read things I will write with pleasure, with love. I completely uninstalled Piwik, I don’t know how many people are reading me, I only hope to be helpful to at least someone with my tutorials or information.
NB : You can also check your Ghostery, it says “No Trackers Found” 😉
Do the same, feel free.

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