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How to create a react-native bridge library for iOS

React-Native allows user to create bridges to access native code from JavaScript. Once you have created your own bridges you might want to share them with the community. This article will explain in a few simple steps how to do so.

1. Create a new project with react-native-create-library

Open your terminal and run

react-native-create-library --package-identifier org.domain --platforms android,ios native-bridge

This will create a new project name react-native-native-bridge with all the required files in there.

2. Implement your bridge

Open the Xcode project located in the react-native-native-bridge/ios folder and edit the RNNativeBridge.m file to add your bridge functions accordingly. Here is a simple example that will return “Hello from Xcode!” when called in React-Native

RCT_EXPORT_METHOD(greetings: (RCTResponseSenderBlock)callback){
    callback(@[[NSNull null], @"Hello from Xcode!" ]);

If you are not familiar with native modules, go check the great documentation here.

3. Create a new npm package and publish it

Now that our hyper sophisticated bridge library is ready😉, we will propose it as an npm package on npmjs. You first need to create a new account on npmjs if you don’t have one yet. You can run

npm whoami

to check if you are logged in or not. If not, just run

npm adduser

and follow the instructions. Update the package.json file accordingly and run

npm publish

The new package will now be available to the community via the npm command and you can also see it at You can refer to the documentation if you need any help.

4. Create a new React-Native demo app and use the package

Let’s create a new React Native project to test the npm package. Open your terminal and run

react-native init nativeBridgeTest

Install the react-native-native-bridge package and link it

npm install react-native-native-bridge
react-native link react-native-native-bridge

Open the App.js file of your React Native project and edit as follow

import RNNative Bridge from react-native-native-bridge
// create a new function in the App class
greetings = () => {
    RNNativeBridge.greetings( (err, res) => {
// Add a button in the render() function that will call the native function when clicked
<Button title="Greetings" onPress={this.greetings} />

This should print “Hello from Xcode!” in the logs.

Creating a React Native Bridge Library

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2 thoughts on “How to create a react-native bridge library for iOS

  1. How do I implement Swift framework with this react native library and call from NativeModules. I have implemented React Native library, however unable to connect Swift framework.

    1. I don’t think there is an option to directly use your Swift framework in React Native without having some objective-c code in between.

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